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The proper place to get creative with wood

Woodworking is most fun and creative when you get to do it free of any limitations and concerns. Ideally, you would have a space where you have easy access to a variety of tools and where you’re not concerned about getting the place dirty or disturbing your cohabitants or neighbors with all that hammering and sawing. Are you looking for such a place too?

Espenaer is now offering fully equipped workspaces at its own atelier in Amsterdam-West for woodworking enthusiasts.

The atelier

Atelier Espenaer is a tastefully decorated woodworking atelier based in the new Ambachtslab in Amsterdam-West. Despite its modest size, the place has an airy feel and receives lots of natural light, thanks to its large window party facing the street and its high ceiling with roof windows.

The atelier is easy to reach by bike, car, and public transportation. There is ample parking space in the vicinity of the building (paid parking).

The workspaces

The atelier accomodates two work benches, each offering two workspaces. Each workspace has its own vise and there is ample room to move around.

The workspaces are big enough for most woodworking projects. If you need more space for your project, you may consider booking the whole work bench for yourself (€16 an hour). Please contact us at for further arrangements.

The workspaces can be used for a variety of woodworking projects and jobs, like making new furniture and reparing or restoring old furniture. The workspaces are also well suited for finer examples of woodworking, such as wood carving, picture framing, and marquetry.

The workspaces are offered clean and dust free. We expect you to leave it likewise after use.


A wide range of hand tools are available in the atelier, ranging from rather common tools like a hand saw to specialty tools like a circle plane. Do you need a particular specialty tool? Contact us to inform about is availability.

Chisels, plane irons, and other cutting tools are always offered sharpened and wetted as part of our service. You are not expected to sharpen and wet tools after use.

The use of tools is included in the price.

Please note that Atelier Espenaer is entirely dedicated to artisanal woodworking with an exclusive focus on hand tools and traditional techniques. There are no machines or power tools present in the atelier.


The workspaces can be booked per hour on the following days and hours:
Monday–Friday: 12:00 to 19:00
Saturday: 12:00 to 18:00
On Sundays the atelier is closed. Availability of the workspaces can be checked on the calendar at the top of this page.

For whom?

The workspaces can be booked by both amateur and advanced woodworkers.

To prevent accidents and damage to tools or the workspace, we require you to be familiar and experienced with the tools you intend to use. If it happens that you need a tool that you are unfamiliar with, we would be happy to give you instructions. (For more see ‘Assistance’ below).

If you are an absolute beginner with no experience with woodworking tools, we recommend you to attend our woodworking course for beginners. For more information see our page on courses.


€7.5 an hour on week days. €10 an hour on Saturdays.
Discounted prices for bookings of 4 hours and longer.

Week days Saturdays
1 hour
4 hours
6 hours

The price is including the use of tools, excluding materials, supplies, and assistance (see below).


Booking a workspace does not include the use of materials. Do you need materials? We would be happy to provide what you need, but please let us know at least a week in advance. Costs depend on the type and the quantity of the requested wood. This also applies to supplies, such as oil finishes, beeswax and varnish.  You may also bring your own materials.


We expect you to be self-reliant and independent while using the workspace. However, if it happens that you need instructions, advise, guidance, assistance or any other kind of help, we would be happy to offer our services. The fee that we ask in return depends on the kind and the contents of the requested help.

Are you an absolute beginner with little to knowledge of or experience in woodworking? In that case we recommend you to attend our woodworking course for beginners. For more information click here.


For further inquiries please contact us at

Impressions of Atelier Espenaer

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Stanley Bailey Jack plane (no. 5)

Interior of Atelier EspenaerAtelier EspenaerAtelier Espenaer

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