Workspaces for woodworking in Amsterdam – Atelier Atelier Espenaer

Workspace for artisanal woodworking

Are you looking for a place to work with wood? Atelier Espenaer offers workspaces for artisanal woodworking for use on an hourly basis.

What do the workspaces offer?


Workbench with vise

The atelier includes two large workbenches, each with two individual workspaces. All workspaces are fitted with a vise and have bench stops as well.


Various artisanal hand tools

A wide range of hand tools are available in the atelier, ranging from rather common tools like a hand saw to specialty tools like a circle plane. Do you need a particular specialty tool? Contact Espenaer to inform about is availability. The atelier does not offer machines or power tools for use.


Cosy authentic atmosphere

The atelier is well decorated and has a calm, authentic atmosphere thanks to the absence of stationary machines. Despite its modest size, the place has an airy feel and receives lots of natural light, thanks to its large window party facing the street and its high ceiling with roof windows.


No machines or power tools

Please be aware that the atelier does not offer machines or power tools for use! The workspaces only include hand tools. However, you are free to bring your own power tools. Please get in touch first if you plan to do that.

Book your workspace

Pick a date and time in the calendar below and follow the instructions to book your workspace.

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