Strepen Lampen – Handcrafted Lamp by Atelier Espenaer
Strepen Lampen Lamp - Espenaer

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Strepen Lampen



Would you like a piece in this style?

This work was created on a one-off basis and no copies will ever be made, but did you know you can commission an original bespoke piece in a similar style?



Oak, Ash, Cherry, Sapele, and Beech


  • Combination of different types of wood
  • Sustainably made out of leftover pieces
  • Entirely crafted by hand in Amsterdam

Strepen Lampen is a set of two lamps specially made for the bar in Atelier Espenaer and are as such not available for purchase, but may serve as inspiration for a similar project for you.

Unique pieces

The combination of strips of different wood types and different widths give each of the two lamp a unique stripes pattern. That is what the name also refers to; Strepen is Dutch for stripes. The use of such strips to form a stripes pattern was also used earlier in some of our serving boards, like Strepen Eén and Strepen Twee.

Sustainable craftsmanship

Strepen Lampen was entirely made out of leftover pieces of valuable hardwoods from earlier projects and courses offered at Atelier Espenaer. By upcycling these pieces into a functional objects, we prevent them from ending up as waste. As such these lamps are a prime example of Atelier Espenaer’s dedication to sustainable craftsmanship and quality products.

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