Raamwerk voor het Bakkersmeisje – Handcrafted Frame by Atelier Espenaer
Raamwerk voor het Bakkersmeisje Frame - Espenaer

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Raamwerk voor het Bakkersmeisje


– Sold –
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70 (h) x 70 (w) x 10 (d) cm




  • Specially made to fit a vintage leadlight
  • Featuring traditional box joints
  • Entirely crafted by hand in Amsterdam

Raamwerk voor het Bakkersmeisje is a frame made specially for a vintage leadlight featuring a girl sitting in front of a cake. It was commissioned by a client and is therefore not available for purchase, but may serve as inspiration for a similar project for you.

The leadlight was purchased by the client from an antique shop in Belgium. The exact origins remain unknown, but it is suspected that the leadlight was part of the facade of a pastry shop, given that it features a girl sitting in front of a cake.


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The frame consists of four oak components that connect to each other with handcut box joints. The frame contains a rabbet on the front side to accommodate the leadlight. Once the leadlight is put in, it is covered with thin oak glazing beads cut from the same piece of oak, making them hardly distinguishable from the frame itself. The beads are attached with vintage brass screws from a local hardware store. The frame is chamfered at the corners.


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Crafting history

Raamwerk voor het Bakkersmeisje was entirely crafted by hand using traditional hand tools and techniques. All components were cut from a board of oak with a Western-style saw and subsequently flattened and smoothened with a set of Western-style hand planes. The wood is certified and are acquired via a hardwood dealer located in our hometown Amsterdam.

The box joints on the corners of the frame were all cut by hand using a set of Western-style chisels and a dovetail saw. The rabbet in the frame was cut with a rabbet plane and the chamfers on the corners with a block plane.

Raamwerk voor het Bakkersmeisje was delivered without any finishes on the request of the client.

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