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Shipping destinations

Currently we only ship to addresses in the European Economic Area (EEA). Shipping is free of charge within the Netherlands. The shipping charge for other EEA countries depends on the country in question and the size of your order.

We use a specialized delivery firm for deliveries within the Netherlands. For other EEA countries we employ the services of established international shipping companies.

Delivery time

For purchases from our shop, we will contact you to make arrangements for the delivery once we have received your payment. In most cases we are able to ship within one week after the payment.

The delivery time of made-to-order furniture pieces is dependent on the size, design, and availability of materials that you have specified. We will give a non-binding indication of the delivery time in our offer and keep you updated on the progress as we build your furniture piece.

Making a furniture piece using traditional handcrafting techniques and tools is a highly labor-intensive and time-consuming endeavor and is subject to variation in duration due to the fact that the individual qualities of wood, and thus its ‘workability’, may vary from one tree species to another, from one individual tree of the same species to another, and even from one part of the same tree to another. Due to this element of unpredictability in our work, we reserve the right to deviate from the delivery indication in our final offer if the crafting process demands so and only within the limits of reasonability. In such instances, we will always notify you of the changes.

Once we have reached the final stage of the crafting process, we will contact you to make arrangements for the delivery.

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