Strepen Drie – Handcrafted Serving board by Atelier Espenaer
Strepen Drie Serving board - Espenaer

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Strepen Drie

Serving board


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Unique handcrafted serving board composed of 8 different types of hardwoods.



Mahogany, Purpleheart, Ramin, Walnut, Oak, Beech, Maple, Honeylocust


  • Beautiful combination of 8 fine hardwoods
  • Original and unique: only one of its kind
  • Sustainably sourced woods with a personal story
  • Entirely crafted by hand in Amsterdam

Strepen Drie is a striped serving board that will make your hors d’oeuvres, sushis, or cheeses look even more delightful. This is Espenaer’s third striped serving board – Strepen and drie simply mean ‘stripes’ and ‘three’ respectively in Dutch – and has the honor of being the most diverse piece of work in terms of materials we have ever made so far!

Unique and handcrafted

Strepen Drie is a unique and original individual piece, the only one of its kind. It was crafted on a one-off basis by hand using artisanal skills, techniques, and hand tools. No machinery was used in the crafting process.

Woods with a history

The serving board is composed of an astounding 8 (!) precious fine woods with an interesting history. The walnut, mahogany, ramin, and purpleheart were acquired from an old retired Amsterdam woodworker who specialized in quality wooden barometers, a craft that is now almost extinct. He used these fine woods for his masterpieces, but has recently ended his work due to old age and illness. We were happy to acquire his wood and give it a second life.

The honey locust is salvaged from a tree that once stood in our very own city, Amsterdam, in the Apollolaan to be more precise. The wood was acquired from Stadshout Amsterdam, a foundation dedicated to giving wood from logged Amsterdam trees a second life. Finally, the oak, beech, and maple are materials that we have used in our courses, so they have a history in Atelier Espenaer.

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