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Offer a woodworking course as a gift

Gift vouchers

Do you wish to offer a woodworking course as a gift to someone? The easiest way to do that is with our gift vouchers. A gift voucher allows the recipient of your gift to choose a course at a time that suits them best!

Would you rather not offer a whole course as a gift, but still encourage someone to do a course? In that case, you may choose to offer a gift voucher with a value of €50, €75, or €100. The recipient may use this voucher for any course at any time they like.

When ordered on week days, the gift voucher is sent the next day by email. When ordered in the weekend, it is sent on Monday

Available vouchers

Gift vouchers are temporarily not available, because currently there are no or too few course options for which gift vouchers can be used. Once there are more options available, it will be possible to order vouchers again.

Booking information

How does a voucher work?

The following steps show you how to book a voucher and what the procedure looks like:

  1. Select a voucher and add it to your cart.
  2. If you wish to keep it a surprise for the time being, provide your own contact details during checkout, not those of the recipient. If you have already told the recipient of the gift, it is best to provide their contact details.
  3. Once your order is processed, you will receive the voucher at the email address you have provided during checkout. This usually takes one day on week days.
  4. Offer the voucher to the recipient. The voucher contains instructions for the recipient.
  5. Following these instructions, the recipient will be able to register for a course on a date that suits them best.

Be aware that when the recipient uses the voucher, they will inevitably also see the course price. If you do not want this, it is better not to buy a voucher, but instead directly book a course yourself for the recipient.

Payment of the course fee

You are required to pay the course fee immediately when booking a course. It is not possible to delay the payment to a later date, nor to reserve a spot without payment.

Below you can see what payments methods are accepted. The payment method can be chosen during the booking procedure. Payments are processed in a fully secure environment by our partner Mollie, an established payment service provider.

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