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Transfer to another class

It is possible to be transferred to another class up till 10 days before the start of the course that you originally booked. How this transferring works depends on the following situations:

  1. Spots announced in course availability alert
    Spots that were announced in the course availability alert (the newsletter) are not available for transfers until 12 hours after the publication time mentioned in the course availability alert. Transfer requests send before or within these 12 hours will not be processed!

    If you do not want to wait out of fear that the spot(s) may sell out within those 12 hours, you are free to directly book the spot yourself at the given publication time through the normal online booking procedure (i.e. as you were a new customer) and subsequently cancel your previous booking. Please note that, in that case, the cancellation and refund conditions explained on this page will apply.

    This policy is to ensure that all subscribers to the course availability alert have an equal chance to obtain the announced spot(s).

  2. Open spots in course schedule
    For spots that just appear available in the course schedule and for which the conditions mentioned above at 1. do not apply, just send an email to with your request for a transfer and the order number of your original booking.

  3. No (suitable) classes available?
    If there are no other classes available in the course schedule or if the available classes don’t suit you, then your only option left is cancelling your registration altogether and book anew when new classes are added to the schedule. It is not possible to reserve a spot in a future class that is not yet scheduled. For more about cancellation and refunds, please read this page.

Transferring within 9 days of the start of the course is not possible and any requests in this respect will be dealt with similar to cancellation requests within the same term.

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