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What will you be learning in Course Twee?

Are you wondering what you will be learning in Course Twee? This virtual tour will take you through the lessons. The photos are from earlier classes of Course Twee.

1. Blind mortise and tenon

Since we have covered the basics already in Course Eén, we can jump straight to what Course Twee is about: traditional wood joinery. After having acquired a general understanding of traditional wood joinery, you will start making your first joint: the blind mortise and tenon.

Woodworking course at Atelier Espenaer
Artisanal Woodworking Course at Atelier Espenaer
Artisanal woodworking course in Amsterdam at Atelier Espenaer

2. Through mortise and tenon

After having gained some experience with the blind mortise and tenon, we will do a slightly more challenging version of the mortise and tenon: the through mortise and tenon. Joinery requires different techniques than we had used in Course Eén, so apart from the joint itself, you will also acquire new techniques with hand tools.

Cutting a mortise
Cursus houtbewerking in Amsterdam bij Atelier Espenaer
Woodworking course in Amsterdam @ Atelier Espenaer

3. Box joint

The third joint you will learn is again a little more challenging than the previous one. This time it’s not a mortise and tenon though, but a box joint. The box joint is cut in a different way too; you will learn a new technique with the chisel.

Cutting a box joint
Furniture workshop in Amsterdam @ Atelier Espenaer
Artisanal Woodworking workshops in Amsterdam @ Atelier Espenaer
Woodworking course in Amsterdam @ Atelier Espenaer

4. Dovetail joint

The final joint you will learn is the much appreciated dovetail joint. The dovetail joint is the most difficult among the basic joints and is considered a symbol of traditional craftsmanship.

By now, you should have figured that creating these joints is a more sophisticated endeavor than what we did in Course Eén. As such, Course Twee presses you to learn to work overall in a more accurate and refined way and bring your skills to a higher level.

Visual Tour of Course Twee @ Atelier Espenaer
Cutting a dovetail
Cutting a dovetail joint
Dovetail joint
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