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What will you be learning in Course Eén?

To give you a better idea of what you can expect in Course Eén, we are happy to take you through the lessons with a visual tour.
The photos are from earlier classes of Course Eén.Would you like to see more? Take a look at Atelier Espenaer’s blog or instagram page.

1. Measuring and marking

Before you even pick up a saw or a plane, you need to know how to measure and mark accurately and consistently. That is what we start the course with, but these skills remain important in every stage of the making process.

Learn woodworking in Amsterdam at Atelier Espenaer
Artisanal woodworking course @ Atelier Espenaer
Checking for square
Artisanal woodworking course at Atelier Espenaer

2. Developing competence and making components

The majority of the time you will spent practicing with two common handtools, the saw and the handplane. On the one hand, this will allow you to develop proficiency, on the other to learn to make components for your project out of rough lumber. The two things are related too of course: the more competent you become, the more efficient and effective you will be in creating components.

Artisanal Woodworking Workshop in Amsterdam at Atelier Espenaer
Artisanal Woodworking Course at Atelier Espenaer
Cursus houtbewerking in Amsterdam bij Atelier Espenaer
Workshop ambachtelijke houtbewerking in Amsterdam bij Atelier Espenaer

3. Learning about wood

You will also acquire basic knowledge about the material we work with, solid wood. You will learn about basic properties of wood and the diversity in wood types. This will allow you to better understand woodworking methods. You will also know what to pay attention to when visiting a lumberyard or wood dealer.

Serving board work in progress
A smooth ash board
Dimensionsed stocked @ Atelier Espeaner
Pieces of wood

4. Glue and finishes

Finally, every project naturally needs to be assembled and finished at the end of the making process. For this reason, you will also learn about assembly, glues, and finishes, like oil and varnish, in this course.

Finishing with oil
End of tour!
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