Woodworking courses in Amsterdam – Atelier Espenaer

Woodworking courses in Amsterdam

Discover the joy of shaping rough wood into something beautiful and useful with your own hands, under the guidance of an experienced craftsman.

What do Espenaer's courses offer?


'Oldskool' skills

Enjoy the satisfaction of shaping the wood directly with your own hands through artisanal techniques and hand tools.


Small classes

Benefit from close guidance by an experienced craftsman thanks to the small class size of just 6 participants!


Inspiring atelier

Immerse yourself in a complete woodworking experience while working in the beautiful, authentic workshop of an actual craftsman.


Separate Dutch and English classes

Don't let language barriers stop you and get instructions in a language that you understand. Atelier Espenaer offers separate Dutch and English classes.


Course levels

The learning trajectory is split in two, so that you can decide yourself how much you'd like to learn.

Serious about woodworking?

Then do the complete learning trajectory and register for both Course Eén and Course Twee!

Giving it a try?

Not sure yet if woodworking is for you? Then just start with Course Eén and decide later about Course Twee.


Course Eén

Entry-level course in artisanal hand tool woodworking



Course Twee

Follow-up course in artisanal woodworking


Restricted to Course Eén participants

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