Their first mortise and tenon – Atelier Espenaer

Their first mortise and tenon

Preparing to cut a mortiseUsing a marking gauge

Using a marking gauge

Carving out a mortise

Yesterday it was the Thursday class’ turn to learn the basics of sawing, planing, and chiseling, and making their first mortise and tenon joint. Just like Wednesday’s participants, they experienced some beginner’s difficulties, like struggling to saw in a straight line or carving out a clean mortise, but in the end did manage to make a mortise and tenon joint! We may even say that some of Thursday’s participants produced even better joints than Wednesday’s participants. Kudos for that!

This week the focus was on getting the skills right and since the participants worked on a piece of scrapwood, they could permit themselves to make errors. Next week they will pick up the work on their pieces and put the newly learned skills to use. This time, there will be no tolerance for errors however; they need to get their work right. Are they up for this challenge? Stay tuned to find out!

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