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Reclaimed wood

Staining reclaimed fir

As part of our commitment to environmentalism we strongly favor reusing materials. Every month we receive a batch of long Norway spruce (Picea Abies) boards used in transportation. These boards are normally disposed of after the transport, but in our atelier they get a second life as exclusive furniture pieces. The downside is that this reclaimed Norway spruce always comes in one color, so to increase its potential in terms of creativity and design, we sometimes add a different hue to it, like in this picture.

Norway spruce is fairly common in use in the Netherlands, particularly in construction and transportation, and the truth is that most woodworkers are reluctant to use it for quality furniture. We, however, don’t shy away from using this spruce, especially if it is reclaimed like in this case, because we believe that this is how we can contribute to a more sustainable economy. This is also why, aside from these reclaimed boards, we opt for sustainably sourced timber and salvaged wood.

Read more about our take on environmentalism here and also consider our manifesto to read about our overall philosophy.

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