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Geraamte: the latest addition

The 'hanging' shelf is certainly the most characteristic feature of Geraamte and is the ideal storage place for a heirloom vase or your favorite brandy. The long narrow maple top shelf, adorned with the handshaped peaks of the hanging shelf, offers additional space to showcase vases, glasses, bottles, and other paraphernalia.

Babylon has its hanging gardens, Espenaer has its hanging shelves.

Geraamte is the latest addition to our collection and the second piece (after Fragiel) to feature a ‘hanging’ component. With its elegantly minimalist design, Geraamte is sure to draw attention to whatever you choose to display on its shelves, from heirloom vases to your favorite brandy.

As usual for Espenaer pieces, the side table was entirely crafted by hand using traditional hand tools and techniques. Geraamte is made of sustainably sourced elm and maple.

For more information, please visit the product page of Geraamte in our online shop.

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