Bespoke furniture and other custom items by Atelier Espenaer

Bespoke furniture and other items

Atelier Espenaer creates exclusive furniture pieces and other items on the request of clients. Each work is unique and is designed and crafted specially for the client on a one-off basis. It addresses the individual needs of the client and offers the best in terms of craftsmanship, design, and materials.

What makes Espenaer’s work stand out?

Artisanal techniques

Espenaer specializes in the use of artisanal techniques and particularly traditional woodworking joints.

Beautiful handpicked hardwoods

Only sustainably sourced hardwoods, handpicked for their beauty, are used in Espenaer’s works. Espenaer does not work with plywood, mdf, chipboards, metal, or plastics.

Unique designs

Espenaer’s works feature a unique style of design, inspired by early 20th century art and design movements. Curious? Have a look at Espenaer’s portfolio.

When should you commission a bespoke piece?

Designing and crafting one-of-a-kind items out of solid hardwood using artisanal techniques is an endeavor that demands skill, ingenuity, labor, and time. This makes commissioning a bespoke piece particularly fitting in the following cases:


A showstopper

You are looking for a work of extraordinary design, something that will become an showstopper in your interior.

This stunning work was commissioned by a client who wanted a cabinet that was so marvelous, that it would make you forget that it holds a TV.


Custom solution

You have particular needs or demands that can only be addressed satisfactorily with a custom-made item.

The client had acquired this vintage leadlight and wanted a matching case to turn it into a lightbox. This case was custom made for the leadlight.



You want a genuinely unique item in your interior, something that distinguishes your interior and cannot be found anywhere else.

The client commissioning this table wanted to match the uniqueness of his beautiful old bonsai with an equally unique table to put it on. The design was inspired by the intricate root system of the tree.


Sustainable craftsmanship

You would like to have a furniture piece sustainably made by a craftsman instead of a factory-made item.

This conference table was made for an environmental NGO, who wanted it made by a local craftsman out of locally salvaged wood, instead of a nondescript factory-made mass-product.