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About Espenaer

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Espenaer is an Amsterdam-based woodworking atelier dedicated to artisanship, individuality, and environmentalism.

We design and craft exclusive furniture pieces for our own collection and for private customers and businesses as part of our bespoke service. In addition, we develop and offer courses and workshops in woodworking and furniture making.

Atelier Espenaer is inspired by an alternative economic narrative that values simple, slow, small, and sustainable entrepreneurship. Read more about our ideas in our manifesto.

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Espenaer Artisanship


Artisanship is a way of production that offers utility without compromising on the human element. It relies on specialized knowledge, skill, and creativity to bring quality, refinement, and ingenuity to customers. It values the well-being and freedom of the maker and favors straight, fair, and personal relations with customers.

Each furniture piece in Atelier Espenaer is crafted by a skilled artisanal furniture maker on a one-off basis. We specialize in the use of wood joints and hardly use any metal fasteners.

Espenaer Individuality


Individuality is about recognizing that each one of us is a unique individual being with its own peculiar interests and needs. We have made it our goal to address this uniqueness in our customers and to imbue a sense of belonging and exclusivity to the pieces we make.

We prefer personal dialogue over one-way mass communication and adapt our services to the preferences and needs of our customers. ‘Individuality’ also applies to our work; our pieces are literally one of a kind; we not only make just one of each, but also ensure it is unique in design.

Espenaer Environmentalism


Environmentalism is the cause for a balanced relationship between humans and their natural surroundings. It is about protecting the environment from harmful human activities and to restore earlier inflicted damages. It is also about embedding economic activity in its ecological surroundings, so that we may build a high quality of life that is sustainable in the long-term.

Espenaer solely relies on sustainable timber sources and highly prefers salvaged and reclaimed wood. Our furniture pieces do not follow capricious trends, but have timeless designs that will remain in vogue for decades. Thanks to the craftsmanship in our work, our furniture pieces are of high quality and will last generations.  


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