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A favorite

Even though I love all my creations, I must confess that Geraamte has a special place. It has an airy feel due to its slender frame and absence of any enclosed compartments. Because of this, any object you put in it is immediately highlighted and that is exactly its purpose; Geraamte was designed as a display cabinet. Yet, even while showcasing your precious paraphernalia, Geraamte still makes you aware of its presence.

Though Geraamte is still on display in my atelier, it is owned by @daankneppers and not available for purchase. The photo was shot in collaboration with @upsidedownbonsai at @vahq.nl.

Display cabinet Geraamte by Atelier Espenaer.
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Local materials, local craftsmanship, local customers

Looking at this huge table top while working on the table base. What you see is common ash wood (Dutch: ‘Gewone es’) salvaged from a tree that once stood in Amsterdam by the foundation Stadshout. It is for a conference table commissioned by Milieudefensie, an environmental organization and the Dutch branch of Friends of the Earth, for their office in Amsterdam.

It’s a great pleasure and honor for me to work with salvaged wood from my own hometown and to make something functional out of it for an organization that I personally support and is based in Amsterdam too. I like the idea of local craftsmen using locally sourced materials to create sustainable objects for local customers. Surely this won’t always be possible, but I certainly hope to see more of this in the future.

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The table base

Started working on the table base for the conference table. After having dimensioned the rough boards, I began cutting mortises and tenons.

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Close-up of bar lamp

A closer look at the bar lamp. Pieces of scrapwood in various widths and thicknesses joined together to form cube. From left to right: oak, ash, beech, mahogany, and oak again.

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Allegaar & bonsai

Woodworking is appealing for a variety of reasons, but the diversity of the material is surely one of the biggest! I like combinations of different wood types in a piece and in this coffee table I used four different ones: olive ash, elm, walnut, and maple.

This photo was shot in collaboration with upsidedownbonsai at vahq.nl.

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The bar lamps

A view of the bar lamps in my atelier. Handcrafted out of pieces of scrap wood

Bar Espenaer @ Atelier Espenaer
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Finishing the table top

Adding a layer of finish to the table top

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