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Glimpses of the courses in pre-corona times

Pre-corona glimpses of the courses earlier this month. Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus in the Netherlands, we’ve ceased group sessions and switched to individual sessions for the remainder of the month in accordance with governmental measures to tackle the threat. These measures will remain in place until April 6th. Participants of the courses scheduled for April will be contacted soon with more information.

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1 board, 11 wood types

Blokken is a custom cutting board made out of 11 different wood types. It was a commissioned piece and is thus not available for sale, but may serve as an inspiration for a custom piece specially for you. Get in touch if you are interested!

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A new bespoke project for Milieudefensie

Started working on a big conference table last month for the HQ of environmental NGO Milieudefensie, the Dutch chapter of Friends of the earth. It will be crafted out of salvaged wood from our very own Amsterdam via the foundation Stadshout. If it not were for them, this tree would have ended up in the shredder, but now it will have a second life at Milieudefensie.

Afgelopen maand begonnen aan een groot vergadertafel voor het hoofdkantoor van Milieudefensie in Amsterdam. Het wordt gemaakt van essenhout uit ons eigen Amsterdam, verkregen via stichting Stadshout. Dit hout komt van een gewone es aan de Noorder IJdijk. Zonder de inspanningen van stadshout zou deze boom de versnipperaar in gaan; nu krijgt het een tweede leven bij Milieudefensie!

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Glimpses of last month’s courses

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A bespoke sushi cutting board

The end result is a bespoke cutting board specially made for a sushi chef. He intends to use the board to cut very thin slices of vegetable in horizontal direction in the preparation of sushi. That explains why the edges of the board are 2mm higher than the central part. The knife will slide over the edges and cut a slice of 2mm of the vegetable. ️

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