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A delicate balance between design, comfort and practicial limitations

Vrede - The triplet sticks in the headboard Vrede - Double bed by Espenaer Vrede - The peaked legs of the bed were shaped by hand

Vrede is a double bed frame specially made for a client as part of our bespoke service. The bed is characterized by its minimalism in both the frame and the headboard, a conscious design choice meant to create a spacious impression (or illusion, if you wil) in the relatively small bedroom it is destined for.

Vrede offers a delicate balance between design, comfort, and the practical limitations of a small Amsterdam bedroom. The foot section was left open in order to improve ease of access, since the bed was supposed to be put in a corner due to space restrictions. Yet, the bed still manages to signal its centrality in the room thanks to its beautifully handshaped peaked legs and the intricate knot figures and grain of the wood.

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Chips and shavings

Sometimes we’re so focused on getting work done, that we hardly ever take notice of what happens to the material, particularly the parts that are removed as part of a cutting action. The chips below beautifully show the gradual progression of the chisel when cutting a mortise.

Mortise chips

The piece of Norway spruce the chips were cut from, marked and ready to be cut.

Norway Spruce Stock

Another example are these shavings, resulting from cutting a 6mm groove in the above piece with a combination plane.

Combination plane savings

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