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Handcut tenon

A handcut tenon

A handcut tenon that is supposed to fit in a blind mortise.

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No. 78

Stanley no. 78 rabbet plane

Cutting a rabbet with that lovely no. 78 ❤

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A quick job for the atelier

Cutting a mortise

Currently busy with a quick job for the atelier. Stay tuned to find out what it will become…

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Facilitating a toddler’s creativity

Laurier - Child's desk and bench combination
Laurier is a children’s desk and bench combination made for a client as part of our bespoke service. Built to facilitate a toddler’s creativity, it will hopefully rekindle that youthful creative spirit in adults too.

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Handshaped elm peaks

The peaks on each of the four legs are handshaped.

The peaks of our side table Geraamte were shaped by hand using a combination of hand planes, files, and sanding paper.

For more photos and information visit Geraamte’s product page in our online shop.

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The most common lumber in the Netherlands

Reclaimed Norway Spruce boards in our atelier

As part of our commitment to sustainability we strongly favor reusing materials. Here you see a number of long Norway spruce (Picea Abies) boards retrieved from the logistics sector. These boards are normally disposed of after the transport, but in our atelier they get a second life.

Norway spruce is probably the most common type of lumber used in the Netherlands, the majority of it being imported from other European countries. It comes in a pale whitish-yellowish color, so to increase its potential in terms of creativity and design, we sometimes add a different hue to it.

For more about environmentalism and our overall philosophy, make sure to read our manifesto.

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Work spaces available at Atelier Espenaer

Woodworking is most fun and creative when you get to do it free of any limitations and concerns. Ideally, you would have a space where you have easy access to a variety of tools and where you’re not concerned about getting the place dirty or disturbing your cohabitants or neighbors with all that hammering and sawing. Are you looking for such a place too?

Espenaer is now offering fully equipped work places in its own atelier in Amsterdam-West for woodworking enthusiasts. For more information click here.

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