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Honey locust

Handplaning honey locust

On our menu today: a piece of salvaged honey locust from the Amsterdam-Zuid borough.

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Detail of Geraamte

Detail of side table Geraamte, the latest addition to our collection. For more photos and information visit the product page in our online shop.

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Geraamte: the latest addition

The 'hanging' shelf is certainly the most characteristic feature of Geraamte and is the ideal storage place for a heirloom vase or your favorite brandy. The long narrow maple top shelf, adorned with the handshaped peaks of the hanging shelf, offers additional space to showcase vases, glasses, bottles, and other paraphernalia.

Babylon has its hanging gardens, Espenaer has its hanging shelves.

Geraamte is the latest addition to our collection and the second piece (after Fragiel) to feature a ‘hanging’ component. With its elegantly minimalist design, Geraamte is sure to draw attention to whatever you choose to display on its shelves, from heirloom vases to your favorite brandy.

As usual for Espenaer pieces, the side table was entirely crafted by hand using traditional hand tools and techniques. Geraamte is made of sustainably sourced elm and maple.

For more information, please visit the product page of Geraamte in our online shop.

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A piece of bark

A piece of bark

When all that is left is a piece of bark…

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Delicate figures

Delicately figured knots in maple

Look what we found in this piece of salvaged maple after a first trim with the handplane… ❤ Delicately figured knots and grain.

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Photo shoot in progress

Photo shoot in Het Ambachtslab

Shooting photos of our latest pieces in Het Ambachtslab.

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The penultimate

A pick from the photo shoot of our penultimate piece, a side table. The piece will be added to our online shop soon.

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Coffee table glimpse

A glimpse of our latest piece, a coffee table, in our sunny atelier. More photos will follow soon on our website.

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Salvaged maple from Amsterdam

Salvaged maple from Stadshout Amsterdam

A piece of salvaged sugar maple that we’ve recently acquired from Stadshout. It used to be a denizen of the Buitenveldert area in Amsterdam.

Every now and then the Amsterdam municipality fells trees as part of area renovation projects or because of diseases. Stadshout is a grassroots foundation that aims to save wood from such felled Amsterdam trees from the shredder. Instead, it uses the wood for community projects or offers it for sale to local woodworkers.

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A new home for Fragiel

We are happy to announce that the very first Espenaer piece, Fragiel, has found a new home! We hope it will be most useful for the new owners in displaying their valuable possessions.

Would you have liked to own Fragiel too? As part of our commitment to individuality, we never make copies of our pieces, but we do offer the option to commission customized versions. For more information click here.

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Coffee table components

Components for a coffee table
Components for our latest project, a coffee table, featuring Espenaer’s signature triplet sticks and combining three types of wood: elm, walnut, and maple. Photos of the end result will follow soon!

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A collection of handplanes
A collection of handplanes in our atelier.

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Working with walnut

Working with walnut

Working with walnut is such a delight!

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A bespoke case

A bespoke cabinet for a vintage stereo

A bespoke cabinet with a midcentury modern vibe for a vintage stereo. Entirely crafted by hand using traditional handtools and techniques and made from reclaimed Norway Spruce.

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A… B… C…

Fitting components of a coffee table

The right fit.

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