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Preparing components

Handplaning elm to dimensions

Preparing components for a coffee table.

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Vlekken is a small cabinet suited to store your wine and liquor, but is also perfect for other items of comparable height and size.

The cabinet is specifically designed to expose the natural irregularities in wood, which are often considered deficiencies and blemishes in industrial production. A curious tiger pattern meanders along the oak case and delicately figured knots in the maple doors give the cabinet a distinctively charismatic face rivalling that of Danny Trejo. The irregularities are also where the cabinet takes its name from; ‘vlekken’ is Dutch for blemishes.

For more about Vlekken visit our online shop.

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Solid wood has the inconvenient habit of bending and twisting during the drying process, the extent of which may vary according to type of wood, the way the wood was cut and dried, and the original location of the lumber piece in the tree, among others.

Yet, often it’s easy to fix with just a handplane and a pair of winding sticks as your guides.

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The workbench

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Fragiel is a cabinet specifically designed to display whatever is precious to you. The ‘floating’ case, indubitably the most distinguishing feature of the cabinet, literally begs you for that miniature David Bowie statue that you bought two years ago but never dared to show anybody.

For more about Fragiel see here.

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Ripsawing efforts

A Japanese Ryoba saw in action

Ripsawing a 50mm piece of elm will most certainly save you a couple of visits to the gym…

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Sunny terraces

Sunshine on Terrassen

Terraces are most beautiful with sunshine.

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No. 050 and No. 78

We figured these awesome pieces of woodworking tools deserved their own frame on our wall.

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Reclaimed wood

Staining reclaimed fir

As part of our commitment to environmentalism we strongly favor reusing materials. Every month we receive a batch of long Norway spruce (Picea Abies) boards used in transportation. These boards are normally disposed of after the transport, but in our atelier they get a second life as exclusive furniture pieces. The downside is that this reclaimed Norway spruce always comes in one color, so to increase its potential in terms of creativity and design, we sometimes add a different hue to it, like in this picture.

Norway spruce is fairly common in use in the Netherlands, particularly in construction and transportation, and the truth is that most woodworkers are reluctant to use it for quality furniture. We, however, don’t shy away from using this spruce, especially if it is reclaimed like in this case, because we believe that this is how we can contribute to a more sustainable economy. This is also why, aside from these reclaimed boards, we opt for sustainably sourced timber and salvaged wood.

Read more about our take on environmentalism here and also consider our manifesto to read about our overall philosophy.

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Glimpse of latest project

A glimpse of our latest project

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Planing the edges

Planing the edges

Planing the edges of a reclaimed fir board. Pretty much every project starts with cleaning the rough surface of timber and getting the wood to preferred dimensions. The handplane is an indispensable tool for artisanal woodworkers for these

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Triple sticks in Vlekken

Triple sticks in our Vlekken cabinet

Signature triple sticks in our Vlekken cabinet.

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First (artificial) lights of 2017

Plane tree in first (artificial) lights of 2017

An urban plane tree, or London plane (Platanus × acerifolia) to be more specific, in the first (artificial) lights of 2017, covered in the leftover fog of NYE fireworks displays. Thankfully, these planes are highly tolerant of air pollution.

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