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End of the year

Frames for handtools

The last day of work of the year… Always a good opportunity to reorganize one’s tools.

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Ready for the day

Outfit of the day

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Marking gauge

Marking gauge

A marking gauge is one of the most essential tools in woodworking, used to mark out lines parallel to a reference edge or surface. It’s preferred over marking by pencil, because it is more precise and often also easier to use.

Practically every cutting, planing, or chiselling task is preceded by marking with a marking gauge, making it probably the most utilized tool of all in woodworking.

The marking line is scribed into the wood by a pin, knife or wheel attached to a beam. The configurable headstock ensures that the line is parallel to the reference edge or surface.

The marking gauge in this photo is an example of one with a wheel, offerred by Canadian woodworking tools manufacturer Veritas. Many woodworkers make their own marking gauge.

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Pastel colors

Japanese whetstones in pastel colors

Things are a little bit more fun when they come in pastel colors, like these Japanese whetstones. 🙂

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Ray flakes

Ray flakes on our Vlekken cabinet

This beautiful meandering pattern on our Vlekken cabinet is commonly referred to as ray flakes (or flecks). It is found, among others, in oak, when the wood is cut parallel to the so-called medullary rays.

Though it appears to us as an ornamental feature, medullary rays are rather essential to trees for the conduction of water, minerals and other organic substances between the outer and inner layers of the tree.

Click here to see more of our Vlekken cabinet.

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Nooitgedagt smoothing plane

This Nooitgedagt smoothing plane is undeniably among the favorites in our atelier.

Nooitgedagt was a Dutch manufacturer of woodworking tools established in 1865, but unfortunately hasn’t survived into the 21st century. It was (and probably still is) a household name among Dutch woodworkers.

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Discovering the grain

Handplaning ash

That moment of satisfaction when you discover an intricate grain pattern and a little beauty mark after a rough handplane job…

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Fresh coat of oil

Detail of side table

Detail of our latest piece after a fresh coat of pure tung oil.

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Decorating with wood shavings

Wood shavings as decoration

Improvised decorating with wood shavings in our atelier…

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Essentials: a set of chisels

A set of chisels

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A board of ash

This fine piece of ash is next in line. What to make of it? The possibilities seem endless, but that beautiful grain deserves a place in the spotlight.

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