Box joint, half lap, and mortise and tenon – Atelier Espenaer

Box joint, half lap, and mortise and tenon

Vlekken cabinet sideview

Vlekken is composed of a box-jointed oak case resting on four maple legs, relying on a variant of the halflap joint. Rails consisting of our signature triplet sticks are mortised into the legs at the bottom for stability and aesthetic appeal.

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Joinery in corners

Vrede - Honeylocust boards connect to one another via four maple legs

Corners are delightful and challenging places in terms of joinery. In this particular case you see the bed rails of Vrede coming together in the leg using mortise and tenon joints. The rail at the upper right sticks through the leg, whereas the other rail protrudes through both the leg and the earlier-mentioned rail, keeping it in place, and is subsequently hold in place itself with two wedges.

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It’s Monday

Side table Geraamte

It’s Monday. Drinks anyone?

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A new month, a new course

This week we started the July courses with two new groups of enthousiasts. The participants have very diverse professional backgrounds – from banking to science, from law courts to NGOs – but share a desire to get creative with their hands and acquire artisanal skills. Many of them also mention that they are drawn to woodworking because of the beauty of solid wood as a material. We couldn’t agree more.

This week’s session was all about the first steps of a woodworking project: designing, measuring, and marking the wood. The participants were also informed about the various types of wood joints and for what situations and purposes they are suited for. In next week’s session they will learn how to cut some of these wood joints.

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Growing fast

Ivy in our atelier

Our ivy is growing fast!

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Sunshine on the terraces

Terraces in the sun

The sun shining on the terraces of Terrassen. For more photos visit Terrassen’s product page in our online shop.

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