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The finishing touches

This week we had the fourth and final session of our June course and that meant that it was time to introduce the course participants to the final stage of a woodworking project: assembly and finishing. The participants were informed about how to handle the assembly, to work with glue, to smooth the final surface of the piece, and to finish it with oil, varnish, and beeswax.

In their own projects, the course participants were still busy with their joints and had yet to reach this final stage, as the photos demonstrate, but completing the piece was never the aim to begin with. During the course, participants have gathered the necessary knowledge and practised basis skills that will allow them to complete their pieces at home. And hopefully, many more creative projects will follow after that! 🙂

Would you like to get familiar with the basics of artisanal woodworking too? Register now for one of our upcoming courses in July, August, or September. For more information, continue reading here.

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De laatste bijeenkomst

Gisteren was de laatste bijeenkomst van de cursus houtbewerking voor het woensdagklasje en dat betekende natuurlijk dat het tijd was voor een bespreking van de laatste fase van een houtbewerkingsklus: de assemblage en de afwerking. Cursisten hebben onder meer geleerd waar ze op moeten letten bij het in elkaar zetten van een stuk en hoe ze hun stuk uiteindelijk moeten behandelen.

Met hun eigen projectjes waren de cursisten weliswaar nog niet zo ver – zie de foto’s – maar dat was ook niet per se het doel. Tijdens de cursus hebben de cursisten in ieder geval basiskennis en -vaardigheden verworven waarmee ze nu thuis hun projectje kunnen afmaken en hopelijk nog vele andere creatieve klusjes zullen realiseren.

Wil jij ook kennis opdoen over hout en houtbewerking en leren werken met traditionele tools en technieken? Meld je aan voor de cursus! Voor meer informatie klik hier.

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Encouraging youthful creativity

Laurier - Child's desk and bench combination

We are happy to announce that we have just added a new piece to our portfolio. Laurier is a children’s desk and bench combination made for a client as part of our bespoke service. It was named after the client’s son, for whom the desk and bench are meant.

It is an honorable thing to inspire and facilitate the creativity of a toddler, but we hope that it will rekindle some of that youthful creativity in adults too. 🙂

For more photos and information, visit Laurier’s product page in our online shop.

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Cleaning up

Cleaning up and flattening a board

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Detail of latest project

Triplet sticks featured in bespoke desk and bench combo Laurier

Detail of our latest piece, a bespoke child’s desk and bench combination fully made out of reclaimed wood. More photos and information will follow soon.

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Eager to continue

Rip cutting in action

A close look at the result

Planing the end-grain

Rip cutting at speed

Preparing the rip cut

Equipped with the experience of last week’s practising and the freshly acquired knowledge about wood at the start of this week’s session, the course participants of the Thursday class were eager to continue working on their pieces. Farid and Solange made quite some progress in cutting legs and parts of an apron for their joint project: a small bench. Eise, on his turn, had just received a small traditional Malinese wooden window door as a gift from a friend and came up with the marvelous idea of making a cabinet to fit that door.

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Learning about wood

Course participant Joao is busy cutting a box joint.

Course participant Yoeri is almost done with his rip saw.

A hand plane should never be put on its sole...

Course participant Rogier cutting pieces for his work.

The start of a ripping endeavor

Course participant Yoeri is flattening the surface of this piece.

Course participant Rogier busy with a glue-up of his work

This week’s session started with an introduction to wood as a material. Course participants learned about the basic macroscopic and microscopic properties of wood and also about the distinction between hardwood and softwood. Having this knowledge helps woodworkers in understanding the behavior of wood in response to various woodworking methods and tools and consequently in deciding on a proper course of action when working with wood.

Last week, the course participants had the chance to practice a bit with sawing, planing, and chiseling on a piece of scrapwood. This week, they had to employ the newly learned skills on their own projects. The participants were visibly more at ease with the tools, but were clearly also in need of more practice. There is no shame in that though; after all, it is the aim of this course to make them learn and practice these skills. With today’s work, they have gained a litte bit more experience. Next week, they will start the course as better woodworkers than they have ever been before. 🙂

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New business cards

Espenaer Business card

Look what we received in mail yesterday!

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Summer @ Atelier Espenaer

Summer at Atelier Espenaer

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Their first mortise and tenon

Preparing to cut a mortiseUsing a marking gauge

Using a marking gauge

Carving out a mortise

Yesterday it was the Thursday class’ turn to learn the basics of sawing, planing, and chiseling, and making their first mortise and tenon joint. Just like Wednesday’s participants, they experienced some beginner’s difficulties, like struggling to saw in a straight line or carving out a clean mortise, but in the end did manage to make a mortise and tenon joint! We may even say that some of Thursday’s participants produced even better joints than Wednesday’s participants. Kudos for that!

This week the focus was on getting the skills right and since the participants worked on a piece of scrapwood, they could permit themselves to make errors. Next week they will pick up the work on their pieces and put the newly learned skills to use. This time, there will be no tolerance for errors however; they need to get their work right. Are they up for this challenge? Stay tuned to find out!

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