Scraping – Atelier Espenaer


Scraping in action

Who needs sanding with scrapers so sharp?

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Ready for some coats of oil

Progress shot of side table

Almost done! Ready to get some coats of oil. Keen to see that fabulous elm grain pop up!

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Frames of reclaimed wood

Picture frames of reclaimed wood

Four frames of reclaimed wood… What for? You’ll discover soon enough!

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Wedged-through tenons

Wedged-through tenons

Handcut wedged-through mortise and tenons in ongoing side table project.

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Hanging shelf

Hanging shelf – component of side table

Component no. 2 – the hanging shelf – of an ongoing side table project. The ‘hanging’ part will be obvious after assembly.

Handcut through-wedged mortises and tenons. Elm and maple.

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Walnut and beech

Walnut and beech pattern on the door of cabinet Terrassen

Walnut and steamed beech pattern on the door of cabinet Terrassen. For more photos and a detailed description click here.

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Finger joints

Finger joints in our Vlekken cabinet

Finger joints, aka box joints, in our Vlekken cabinet. To see more of Vlekken and discover how it was made click here.

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Skeleton frame

Skeleton frame of a side table

The skeleton frame is finally done. Next: preparing the hanging shelf.

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All twirled up

Twirled shavings

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Stuck to each other…

Glueing pieces of a side table together

Stuck to each other until eternity (in this case that’s a good thing).

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