Tiny tiny mortises and tenons… – Atelier Espenaer

Tiny tiny mortises and tenons…

Tiny mortises and tenons

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Triple sticks

Detail of side table

Working on a side table featuring Espenaer’s signature ‘triple sticks’.

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Fragiel in our new atelier

Fragiel cabinet in our new atelier.

Our Fragiel cabinet seems to enjoy its spot in our new atelier, but perhaps you have a better place for it? Click here for a detailed description and more photos of Fragiel.

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Reassembling the workbench

Reassembling the workbench

First things first: reassembling our workbench in our new atelier!

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Navy blue

Paint work finished! Next: furnishing and decorating.

Finally finished all the paint work in our new atelier! Next: furnishing and decorating!

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Work in progress

Atelier under construction

We’ve been very busy getting our new atelier ready the past two weeks. It’s only a matter of days now before everything is finished! Stay tuned!

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Autumn in town


Our favorite season!

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Shades of blue

Blue paint on our new atelier wall

Shades of blue sprinkled with bits of white on our new atelier wall. (Painting in progress)

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A square and a marking gauge

Two very essential tools in artisanal woodworking: the square and the marking gauge.

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Construction workers’ art

Construction workers' art

Construction workers left this piece of art in our new atelier. It’s the wall. Was it intentional or not? Who knows…

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