Unique sustainable furniture pieces handcrafted with traditional tools and methods

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We use the simplest tools to create the most sophisticated objects. Our offer is just that straightforward.

No complex financial products, no offshore tax evasion schemes, no emission manipulating tricks.


We’re so small that we only make a single piece of each design and get to call our customers by their first name. We like it this way.

No mass production in deadly factories in faraway countries, no mass consumption in look-a-like global retailer chains.


We take the time to infuse our creations with age-old know-how, skill, creativity, and personality. There is an authentic story behind every single piece we make.

No urge for new collections every season, no instant delivery of undistinguished, disposable items.


Wood is already a renewable resource, but that’s not enough for us. We stick to sustainably sourced timber. We salvage, reclaim, upcycle, and recycle.

No destructive logging, no waste of materials and energy sources, no pollution of the planet.

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